They don’t do the “Wave” at Wrigley Field

Over the years, Cubs fans have taken pride in the fact that they don’t do the wave during Cubs games. It’s a senseless, distracting, and annoying disturbance to a ballgame when fans do try and start the Wave.

I have been to a countless number of Cubs games at Wrigley Field, and not once have I ever seen anyone try and start the Wave. Cubs fans go to games to watch baseball, not to amuse themselves by creating their own source of entertainment. When at Wrigley Field, people should respect the park and its rich history and tradition of baseball by paying attention to the game. Why do you think Wrigley is the only park without a jumbo-ton? It’s because Wrigley Field is an old-time, traditional baseball stadium where people go to watch baseball.

I have been to 17 different MLB stadiums, and I can tell you that in over half of those stadiums, I have seen fans try and start the Wave. Last summer, I took in a game at Fenway Park. I went into Fenway expecting to see some of the greatest baseball and sports fans in the world who respect the game and its integrity as much as any other group of fans on the planet. Well, guess what? They did the Wave that night, and I have seen them do it again on TV since then. I lost a lot of respect for those fans that night. Just this past weekend I was in St. Louis to check out the new Busch Stadium. Cardinals fans are often referred to as some of the “best baseball fans in America.” Can you guess what I’m about to say next? Yep, they started the wave in just the second inning, and continued to try and start it all the way through the end of the game! In crucial parts of the game, fans were actually trying to start the Wave. I couldn’t believe it.

With the Cubs not being such a great team this year, less fans have been showing up at their home games.  A few nights ago, I was talking to someone who was recently at a Cubs game at Wrigley, and they said that a small group of fans in right field actually tried starting the wave. They were never able to get it going (because the rest of the fans actually had heads on their shoulders), but this still disturbed me, and it prompted me to write this blog post.

To all Cubs fans who may read this at one point or another:

Please, stay respectful to the game, the Cubs, and Wrigley Field by never starting the Wave. It has been an unwritten rule ever since the Wave was invented that it shall never be seen inside the walls of the Friendly Confines. Regardless of how good or bad the Cubs might be, starting the Wave at Wrigley Field is always a bad option.

I would give anything for the Cubs management to put signs up around the park that read, “Wave Not Allowed.” If anyone tries to start it, they should instantly be ejected from the game. It’s a complete and total distraction and annoyance to everyone in the park and on the field when fans begin doing the wave.

So again, be smart Cubs fans. Be proud of the fact that your team plays at Wrigley Field, and NEVER do the Wave.


5 thoughts on “They don’t do the “Wave” at Wrigley Field

  1. I live in Chicago and have been to countless games, for you to say that “Cubs fans go to games to watch baseball”, you are out of your mind!!! People go to these games to get drunk and people watch. You can ask “what’s the score?” to most of the people in attendance at any given point and a majority of them wouldn’t know. I actually LOVE going to Cubs games to watch and enjoy baseball, but the the majority of people in attendance don’t share the same enthusiasm some of us have for the game. I don’t think the Wave would cause any harm or distraction to any of players on the field, it would only cause drunken fools who know NOTHING about baseball to get upset cause some fans just wanna have a good time.

  2. I just recently attended a cubs game and attempted to start a wave and the lady behind me said no way. She said it was embarasing. I started thinking it might be some kind of unwritten rule or curse or something, so
    I dropped it and forgot about it. Since this was only my second game ever at Wrigley and the wave went around the park 7 or 8 times during my first game, I just didn’t know any better. Now I do and will never try again. I respect the game, the players and the fans too much. GO CUBS!

  3. It is Cub’s Fans with attitude’s like this why The Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908. You need to make a change at Wrigley because “just watching baseball” is not working. The writer of this article needs to wake up, get a life put some fun back into the game. Maybe the Cubbies would react to “The Wave” and start winning some games. Being “Waveless” has got you nowhere but in the cellar of the NL Central.

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