White Sox near bottom in attendance

Let me make this clear… I am a die-hard Cubs fan and always will be. I have never liked the White Sox and never will. Having said that, it still bothers me that the Sox can’t seem to draw fans for the life of themselves.

The Cubs, one of the 3 worst teams in baseball this year, are TENTH in attendance in the MLB. Being in tenth place in attendance is really not that great of an accomplishment for most teams. But when you are as bad as the Cubs are this year, being tenth in attendance is something to be proud of. The White Sox on the other hand, who, oh by the way are battling for their division title right now, are TWENTY-FOURTH in attendance. There is no way to sugar-coat that statistic whatsoever. It is flat out pathetic.

Living in the Chicago suburbs as I do, I often hear some of the reasons as to why Sox fans don’t go to White Sox games. They don’t like battling the traffic to get down there, they don’t like the location of the park seeing as how it’s on the south side (the area around the park is actually very safe nowadays), etc. Actually, some people dislike the Sox’ owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, and the policies that he has put in place at U.S. Cellular Field, which has turned them away from attending games.

Whether it is the traffic that you don’t like, the ballpark’s surrounding area, or the team’s owner, White Sox fans should be putting all of that aside right now and selling out every single home game at this time of year. Your team had been in first place for over half the season, and you didn’t show up! Your attendance is good for twenty-fourth place out of 30 teams. And now, with the regular season coming to an end and the Sox one game out of first, there is not a more important time to sell out every home game. I bet if you ask the players on the White Sox, they would unanimously agree that having a sold-out home stadium really helps them on the field. By not showing up, as has been then case all year, Sox fans are sending the message to the players that they really aren’t interested in the team or what they are doing on the field.

The one thing that prompted me to write this blog today is something that I saw while briefly watching the Sox game last night on TV. Apparently, it was “bring your dog to the park” night at the Cell. Now to me, that is about as low as any team can get in trying to lure fans into the stadium. I mean seriously. You’re in the middle of a heated battle for the division lead, and you have to implement this kind of promotional night to try and get fans to show up? That’s a disgrace.

The Sox are playing their final home series of the regular season this weekend against the Rays. You can bet I’ll be checking the attendance for each game of that series. For the sake of the White Sox players, I hope that some fans do decided to show up this weekend.


6 thoughts on “White Sox near bottom in attendance

  1. I wrote the post almost a week ago and it has said “safe” the entire time. And if Wrigley is such a terrible place, why do so many people go and see it? I know a lot of good Sox fans, and you are making every one of them look bad with your comments. If you hate this blog so much, why do you continue coming back to it?

  2. I don’t know how I found this article but it’s awful. people don’t go to white sox games because:
    – Tickets are expensive.
    – Parking is Expensive.
    – It’s a blue collar team, that tries to sell to white collar fans
    – Jerry Reinsdorf has no “policies” just “prices” wtf are you talking about.

    I Don’t know how old you are but it’s pretty obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about. ALOT of teams do those dog days. it’s actually a big deal and it’s not that rare in MLB.

    As far as being on the southside, there’s more crime on the northside. look it up. Oh and 40% of people that go to wrigley field are from out of town. hmmmm.

    people go to visit that shit museum the chubs play in, they don’t care what product is on the field. another delusional cub fan. i’m surprised I wasted my time writing this.

    • All I’m saying is that their attendance numbers are pathetic. The Sox even significantly lowered ticket prices a few times this year to try and get fans, but that didn’t work either. I’ve been to 18 different stadiums, and U.S. Cellular Field is the only one of those 18 (and that I know of in baseball) that doesn’t allow people in the upper deck to enter the main level. I guess I should have added that it’s not “fan friendly” either. Also, you misread my statement about the area around the park. I said that it is “very safe” now. Lastly, if you are actually supporting the dog night things, then your credibility as a baseball fan is about as low as it can get. Other than that, thanks for the feedback!

      • -Obviously the attendance is pathetic so now your stating the obvious?
        -and just because you’ve been to 18 different stadiums has nothing to do with your overall knowledge of baseball.
        – yesterday the post said not safe, now it says safe? did you edit your own post?
        – Never said I was supporting the dog days, just saying alot of stadiums do it.
        – Please define “fan friendly.” Is it that big of deal if you, god forbid, don’t sit in your actual seat your assigned to?

        I noticed you had nothing to say regarding the fact the people go to wrigley field to check out the shit museum and not the actual team.

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